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General Manager Position

Posted: 04/02/2023

General Manager will:
Be in charge of coordinating staff and oversee day to day operations.
Identify new business opportunities.
Have good leadership skills, decision making, teamwork development and communication skills.
Monitor and reduce annual labor cost through increasing employment efficiency while maintaining quality and delegating task and team goals.
Will be capable of training new employees about company goals, policies and logistics.
Accomplish human resource objectives by recruiting, selecting, orienting, coaching and disciplining subordinates.
Facilitate vendor relationships for purchasing and offering new products.
Coordinate with Social Media Manager to generate more online presence to result in higher rate of overall sales.
Analyze Account Receivables and negotiate payment terms for past due accounts.
Maximize profits through effective cost control, staff scheduling, inventory management and ordering of multiple core products.
Be able to (with training) calculate bids and the amount of product a customer or contractor will need to complete their project.  
Develop star performers.
Create marketing programs to generate goodwill within the community with limited budget, resulting in our company becoming a cornerstone of the community.

Please email or call our office at 217-697-8433 to set up a time to fill out an application.

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